Bell Library

    • Storytime for Kids at Bell Library

      Storytime for Kids is held at Bell Library on the 3rd Friday of the month.

      Bring your 3 to 5 year old along to Storytime for Kids at Bell Library at 9.30am Friday 15 December 2017.

      Download your 2017 Bell Storytime Calendar here.

      Want to find a Storytime session closer to you? Click here to see what our other branches offer.

    • Birding with Bernice

      The Bell Birdwatching Group had their final meet for 2017 this morning.

      The group celebrated the end of a successful year with a bird walk/drive around the Bell district followed by a lively lunch at the Bell Community Centre.

      If you’re interested in seeing more of the Western Downs, while learning about our native birds, contact Bernice about joining the group in 2018. Birding beginners welcome!

    • Author Event: Scott Whitaker & Queensland’s Quirkiest Railway Hotels

      Every Railway Hotel has a story.

      From Allora to Yeppoon, Scott Whitaker has travelled across the state to uncover the secrets, scandals and spirits that haunt the history of every last Railway Hotel in Queensland. Though there were once more than 600 Railway Hotels operating in the country, by the 1920s many of these had met their untimely demise.

      Scott Whitaker will be visiting Western Downs Libraries branches at the end of November to discuss his newly released book, Railway Hotels of Australia, Volume 3: Queensland, which details 191 Railway Hotels operating in the Queensland region, including those in Dalby, Miles and Chinchilla.

      If you’re fascinated by history’s mysteries, consider yourself a history buff, rail enthusiast, or even if you’re just keen to know more about hotels and all things history, this is definitely an event not to miss.

      Scott will chat to you about Queensland’s quirky history, and deliver unique insight into the social, political, and economic themes that have shaped our society over the last 150 years.

      This author tour is a FREE event, but bookings are essential. Light refreshments will be provided. Join Scott Whitaker in the following locations:


      Wednesday 22 November, 6pm–7pm, Bell Library*

      (*join us from 5.30pm for afternoon tea)

      Thursday 23 November, 10am–11am, Moonie Library

      Friday 24 November, 10am–11am, Tara Library

      Friday 24 November, 6pm–8pm, Miles Library


      Bookings are essential, don’t miss out!

      Click here to reserve your seat





    • Tech Savvy Seniors

      After the incredible success of the Tech Savvy Seniors program in 2016, Western Downs Libraries are proud to announce they have once again received grant funding from State Library of Queensland and Telstra to run the program in 2017.

      Our Libraries will be hosting free, fun and interactive training sessions that are a great way for seniors to take the first step in becoming tech savvy. Want to learn more about Cyber Safety? Social Media? Online banking? Tech Savvy Seniors is for you! Sessions will be held in 8 great locations: Bell, Chinchilla, Dalby, Jandowae, Meandarra, Miles, Tara and Wandoan throughout October and November.

      Tech Savvy Seniors provides relaxed, well-paced sessions with plenty of time to ask questions, delve deeper, and socialise with other members of the community. Contact your local branch to book in to a session (or two, or three, or stay for them all!).




      Wednesday 4 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Wednesday 4 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Understanding the Internet (Intermediate)

      Thursday 5 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Social Media

      Thursday 5 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online



      Wednesday 11 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Basic Computer Skills

      Wednesday 11 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Understanding the Internet (Intermediate)

      Thursday 12 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Using Email (Intermediate)

      Thursday 12 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online

      Friday 13 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Online Shopping (Intermediate)

      Friday 13 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Introduction to Online Banking



      Tuesday 17 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Basic Computer Skills

      Tuesday 17 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Thursday 19 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online

      Thursday 19 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Using Email (Intermediate)



      Tuesday 24 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Basic Computer Skills

      Tuesday 24 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Introduction to the Internet

      Thursday 26 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Thursday 26 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online



      Tuesday 31 October, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Social Media

      Tuesday 31 October, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Thursday 2 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online

      Thursday 2 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Using Email (Intermediate)



      Wednesday 8 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Social Media

      Wednesday 8 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Thursday 9 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Smartphones

      Thursday 9 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online



      Wednesday 15 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Social Media

      Wednesday 15 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Understanding Social Media (Intermediate)

      Thursday 16 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Sharing Photos and other Attachments Online

      Thursday 16 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Introduction to Tablets



      Wednesday 22 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Tablets

      Wednesday 22 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Staying Safe Online

      Thursday 23 November, 10.00am–12.00pm: Introduction to Smartphones

      Thursday 23 November, 1.00pm–3.00pm: Introduction to Social Media



    • Sunday Bookclub in Bell

      Do you love discussing the books you read? Are your potplants wilting under the pressure of all your reading rants? You need the Sunday Bookclub!

      The Sunday Bookclub meets on the last Sunday of the month in the morning for coffee and discussion, at Pips n Cherries café in Bell. If you love reading and talking about books, you are welcome to join this friendly bunch.

      Contact: Alexis at

      Looking for a Bookclub closer to you? Click here for details of Bookclubs at our other branches.

    • The New RBdigital App

      It’s official: people of the Western Downs love Audiobooks. Whether it’s farmers listening as they do endless hours of tractor work, people listening as they commute to work or students reading for school (or fun!), we are listening to our books more than ever.

      To meet this demand, Western Downs Libraries have made accessing audible content easier than ever, thanks to the new RB Digital app, which launched on Wednesday 28 June. This app will take the place of two of your favourites – Zinio and OneClickDigital.

      Now you can browse all of your eAudiobooks and eMagazines in one place! If you’re having trouble accessing the app, or finding it difficult to search or check out items, please visit any of our branches and our friendly library staff will help walk you through it.


      Frequently Asked Questions


      How do I register in the app?

      To use the RBdigital app, you need to register on your library’s RBdigital website using any browser.  In-app registration will be added to the RBdigital app in a future update.


      How do I log into the new RBdigital app?

      If you currently use OneClickdigital and/or Zinio for Libraries you can login using either your OneClickdigital username and password OR Zinio for Libraries email address and password.

      If you have never used OneClickdigital or Zinio for Libraries, please go to RBdigital and register for RBdigital eMagazines or eAudibooks using any online browser.


      I am trying to login but keep getting an error message

      Have you tried resetting your password?

      If not, please click the “forgot password” link, reset your password and try to login again.

      If you still can’t login, please let us know the name of your library authority, your name, email address and library card number so we can look into this for you.


      Can I view ALL of my checked out magazines in the app?
      At launch you will be able to see up to 30 checked out magazines in the app.  These are arranged in issue date order – newest to oldest.

      The ability to see all checked out items will be available in a future update.


      Do we now have to return magazines?

      No, the word “return” is used to be consistent with the rest of the app’s media types.  It’s just a simple way to quickly delete from your checked out titles.


      Can I manage my account in the app?

      No, you will still need to go to the library website via your browser to do this.


      What will happen to the old OneClickdigital app if I don’t update it?

      The old app will function as normal for only eAudiobook/eBook access.  When you “search” for titles, you will be taken to the new look RBdigital eAudiobook/eBook website (which replaces the old OneClickdigital website).

      The app will continue to be available in this way until further notice.


      How long can I continue to use the Zinio for Libraries app?

      The in-app countdown will begin on 10th July and exist for 60 days.  At the end of the 60 days you will no longer be able to checkout and read newly checked out magazines from the app.  To do this, you must download and use the RBdigital app.


      Is the RBdigital app available for all devices?

      The RBdigital app is available for Apple, Android and Kindle Fire/Fire HD/X but not the Windows phone.  Library members would need to download titles manually through the website onto a Windows phone or stream online via the website.

    • Seniors Fitness Classes with Tracy

      Get trim, taut, and terrific!

      These happy, fun, low-impact fitness classes are designed specially for seniors. All seniors are welcome to join our group on Monday and Thursday mornings. Get active and social at the same time; join with friends or take the opportunity to meet new people.

      When: Monday and Thursday mornings

      Where: Bluebelles Art Gallery, Bell Bunya Community Centre, 71 Maxwell Street Bell 4408

      To find out more about fees or the sessions, contact Ruth at

    • Introducing… Adobe Creative Cloud!

      Yes, you read that correctly. Western Downs Libraries are proud to announce they have partnered with Adobe to bring the Creative Cloud to you. Now you can borrow Adobe Creative Cloud in the same way that you would borrow a book! Join over 2.3 million users and let your creativity flow.

      Adobe Creative Cloud comes with the following programs:
      Photoshop Programs

      If you are a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, or animator, then you will definitely want to get your hands on this fantastic suite of programs.

      But Adobe Creative Cloud isn’t just for professionals.

      Do you have a whole stack of family vacation photos that you’ve been meaning to sort through?

      Are you a student at high school or university trying to complete a project?

      Maybe you’re a small business owner looking to create or update your company website?

      Or are you someone simply wanting to get their hands on a new program and learn some new skills?

      Whatever you may need, Adobe can help you to create a finished product you can be proud of. With loans spanning either two or four weeks, you will have the perfect opportunity to complete any project or assignment you may have.

      Have we caught your attention? Sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud by following these few simple steps, and you will be creating something wonderful before you know it!

      Want to learn more about how to use a particular program in the suite? Why not check out and take a look at the thousands of online training videos they have on offer. Signing up is easy, and with your Western Downs library card, you have unlimited access to the entire website.

      Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with everything happening at the library!

    • Broadband for Seniors at Bell

      Looking to learn how to catch up with technology?

      The Bell Bunya Community Centre hosts a Broadband for Seniors Kiosk. Broadband for Seniors helps senior Australians get the skills they need to use computers and access the Internet. BFS kiosks are located all around Australia. They are available to anyone 50 years or over who wants to learn how to use a computer and surf the Internet for free. Free online training is available through the Broadband for Seniors website.

      Computer classes are offered at Bell Community Centre on a regular basis.  The classes take place on the first Monday and Tuesday of every month from 9am-12pm.  New students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

      For more information, contact the Centre on (07) 4663 1087 or email Ruth at

    • at Your Library

      Did you know Western Downs Libraries has free access to

      Trace your family story with a family tree – make it easy. If you visit one of our nine library branches, you can access this great resource on any of our public computers for FREE. Discover your family today.

      Click here to access the website while you’re at the library to begin tracing your family history! You might be surprised at what you will find.