Keynote Address

Connecting with Kids: Brain Development, its Potential, Our Responsibility

“In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second

This presentation shares the exciting process of brain development, and key factors that impact on building strong foundations, and strong connections. 

We then explore the very important role and potential we have as significant adults in the life of a child, to make a difference, by helping to set up strong foundations, and support their development, learning and well-being. 

Dr Alice Brown, University of Southern Queensland



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Presenter Profile: Renata Jayne

Renata Jayne is a children’s musician and storyteller. Before professional performing, Renata began working with children both overseas and in Australia in 1991. Over 10 of these years were spent in the relief industry where she experienced a wide variety of teaching styles and creative ideas for children’s programs.

Renata now travels all over Australia to speak at conferences and perform shows. Her presentations are a great opportunity to learn some new and easy ideas for everyday interactions and boost educators in the area of the creative arts.

Presentation: Music, Storytelling, and Multicultural Ideas for Programs


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