Aug, 2017

ABC Gardening Australia September 2017

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Lots of expert advice on your garden in one magazine. This edition covers growing tomatoes in tight spaces, the new double lavender plants on the market, and the action planner for your garden for the month of September, plus lots more.

“What”s New” features plenty of new and colorful plants coming to a nursery near you. New variety of Petunia, tomato plant, hippeastrum,  scaevolas and a double Asiatic lily.

Love a strong perfume in your garden? Plant Jasmine on a fence or sunny wall. They’re evergreen climbers that will bring a flush of white flowers late into winter. Give plants a prune once they have finished flowering. Page 21 has 4 varieties listed, each flowering at different times and growing to different heights.

Want a new look for your garden, page 26 to 31.  Plant a garden you can use all year round by slowly transforming it into a cottage garden, depending on the climate care should be taken on your choice of plants.  Finding plants that have long flower periods and colourful foliage.  Look for different grasses for height and texture.

Do you have a lawn that needs attention? Pages 78 and 79 have instructions on leveling,  improving soil structure, and giving your lawn a great start for spring.