Jan, 2018

Audiobooks at Western Downs Libraries

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Audio books have become the fastest growing format in publishing today. Smartphones, tablets and the need for multitasking have made them ideal for the 21st century. But, did you know that they started when Edison recorded Mary Had a Little Lamb on a tinfoil phonograph in 1877?

The first novel-length talking book was made for blinded World War I veterans and today it is a billion-dollar industry. You can listen to them on long drives, on walks or even in the bath. Audio books are great if your sight is failing and you love stories. Our libraries a wide range to choose from including ones suitable for young children.  We also have a non-fiction collection that ranges in topics from religion to war. Popular authors we stock are Nora Roberts, Bryce Courtenay and Jeffery Deaver.

Not sold yet? We also have audio books available through our Apps such as BorrowBox and RB digital. If you need assistance please call into your library and the staff will be happy to help you become addicted to audiobooks (just like we are).