Mar, 2018

Author Review – Tricia Stringer

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Tricia Stringer lives in the Copper Coast region of South Australia with her husband and their assorted animals.  This home has proved a wonderful place to raise their three, now adult, children and has been a starting point for many a family holiday, camping in favourite Flinders Ranges spots or travelling to other states of Australia.  She enjoys a variety of crafts and sipping the odd glass of wine when she’s not tangling with computers, reading a good book or walking on the beach hatching her next story.

Tricia grew up on a farm and as the youngest of three children she was good at entertaining herself.  She had a very patient cat that was often dressed in dolls clothes and pushed in a pram.  There was always a scrub full of trees to climb or turn into cubbies, as well as sheds and farm equipment to explore and all the usual jobs that needed to be done on a large mixed farm.

Some of her titles include – Right as RainRiverboat Point  and Come Rain or Shine

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