Nov, 2018

Better Homes and Gardens

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This Decembers edition is full of Christmas cooking,  handmade gifts and decorations to dress up your home for the festive season.

Take the stress out of the occasion by planing well ahead and doing small jobs every few days.  Bake it and freeze it if possible. Each grocery shop buy an item of tinned or bottled juice or soft-drink that can be safely put away for the big day.   Use greenery from the garden for the table decorations,  get the children in on the planning as well, as it is a family gathering.  Remember to hang some tinsel on the pots on the patio and paint pots or fence in bright festive colors.

Instructions on pages 87 -88 on how to dress up a side walkway with a bit of clever landscaping and lots of leafy plants.  Check your nursery for plants that thrive in  shade and cool atmosphere.  Palms, ferns and clivias.

Fast Ed’s kitchen has ideas to make snacks, salads and sweets for the busy party season.  Pages 96 -107 for food in a flash.

Have you never made a Christmas cake before?  Easy step-by-step instructions to 3 classic rich cakes for you to bake.  First recipe is a chocolate fruit and nut wreath, followed by a rich fruit cake, and third is flour-less fruit cake.  Soak your fruit in your choice of brandy, sherry, dark rum, whisky or flavored liqueur over night, and follow instructions.

Love the shade of blue in your home.  Adding pots, rugs, cushions, wall hangings, feature walls, light fittings all in your favorite shade gives the room a cool  relaxed feel.

Front door or cabinets hinges need a quick fix?  Instructions on how it fix it and what tools you need. Page 140 -142

See our back issues for more ideas on dressing up your home, garden tips and food ideas to share with the family.  Go on line to RBDigital and read without leaving your home.