Jan, 2020

Better Homes and Gardens

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Christmas celebrations are finished, the new year is here and January’s edition of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine has all the ideas you need to celebrate summer.

Nothing says summer like pavlova. Create your own version or follow the instructions on Page 30.

Be water-wise in your garden:

  • spread organic mulch around your plants to help retain moisture
  • water at the base, don’t water the leaves and flowers
  • Check your soil type for water-holding capacity, as you may need to add  some clay blends.
  • Remove weeds as they steal vital moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • Re-use your household waste water from your shower, bath or laundry.
  • Remember to follow your local council’s water restrictions.

Turn to Page 38 and try throwing together a refreshing cocktail using good quality alcohol, fresh fruit, herbs and nuts. Follow directions, use accurate measures and of course, drink responsibly.

Does your outdoor area need a lift? Go to Page 44 and check out the tropical patterns that have been used on the cushions and tablecloth. Plant a few hibiscus bushes around the boarder, this will give it the tropical feel. Get the look using floral, stripe and solid print fabrics.

Limited on garden space?  Hanging baskets are the go. Hang them in the outdoor area they can be better looked after, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.  Try planting cherry tomatoes, chillies or thyme in a basket.  If you want a bright flower arrangement try variegated geraniums and petunias in another.  Remember these baskets can get heavy so make sure you have a heavy duty screw eye hook and strong chain.

This months edition is full of things to do, food to cook, places to visit and plants to grow in your garden.  Check out Better Homes and Gardens Magazine at your local library or read it online for free at RB Digital.