Oct, 2019

November Better Homes and Gardens

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The silly season is fast approaching and there can be so much to do to get your garden or outdoor area looking festive.  Start by giving your outdoor area a good hose down to get rid of any dust or cobwebs. Replace shabby looking plants or re-pot into new planters.  Spruce up your outdoor area with ideas from page 26–43. Try painting a wall or adding some wall art, try some new fabric on the cushions on a lounge, give cane chairs a new lease on life with some paint. Create a private sanctuary by screening off an area to enjoy. There are so many ideas and just trying a few will give your outdoor area a new life.

Water lilies come in a variety of colours including white,  pink, blue, yellow and mauve.  Check with your nursery about a suitable plant to purchase for your area. Good pond health is essential for the plant to reward you with colourful blooms and perfume.  See page 46–49 for more information on growing and caring for your lily pond.

Home grown tomatoes… Nothing tastes better than something you have grown and cared for yourself.  From cherry size to the beefsteak, they will complement every meal.  Short on space? Grow your tomatoes in a pot, or place in a hanging basket for easy harvesting. Take a look at pages 56–59 for more varieties, growing and care instructions.

The moon guide on page 68 shows you how to use the calendar to find the best days for planting above ground and below ground vegetables, weeding, planting trees and taking cuttings.

This issue has plenty of ideas for quick meals using sheet pastry. Try taking a sheet of pastry and cover with grated cheese and sliced cherry tomato. Pop it in the oven until the cheese has melted and serve decorated with a sprinkling of salad leaves, sliced into finger size portions. For a quick meal baked in 30 minutes, line a small baking dish with a pastry sheet and fill with bacon, whisked eggs, shallots and rocket leaves and bake. For more ideas, check out pages 70–81.

Does your kitchen need a face lift? With just a little bit of tweaking you can achieve a new look.  Strip cupboard doors and paint or lightly stain to give the room a lighter fresher feel.  Change the blinds on the windows, and revamp tile splash back with a coat of paint, replace cupboard door nobs.  Keep going until you have the look you want.

There’s too many great ideas to mention here, so check out this month’s Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Grab a copy from your local library Western Downs Libraries branch or download a copy for free from RB Digital.