Apr, 2017

How do you choose a book?

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Why do some books fly off the shelves while others sit and gather dust? It’s all about the cover. The book cover plays a prominent role in our decision to borrow a book.   A cover or jacket’s ability to catch our eye and draw us in can often make or break a book’s success.  We use book covers to determine the worth of a book, the kind of story that might be told within, and whether or not we should take it seriously and borrow the book from the […]



Jan, 2017

Lynda.com for Job Hunters!

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Are you a recent graduate from secondary or tertiary education? Perhaps you’re a person who is looking to transition into a new role, industry or organisation? It’s a new year, and the perfect time to gain some new skills. Lynda.com is free for all Queensland public library members, with over 5,000 online courses including business, technology and creative skills. Lynda.com has new courses added every week but many earlier courses remain popular. Some of the most popular include ‘Foundations of programming fundamentals’ (viewed over 8.8 million times), ‘Excel 2013 essential […]



Sep, 2016

Lynda.com for Everyone!

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Did you know that as a Western Downs Libraries member, you can join Lynda.com for free? THAT’S RIGHT! All you have to do is click here and create a free account using your library card – it’s that easy! Lynda is a huge website specifically designed to help you improve your skills. If you want to learn about Windows 10, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, or anything else computer-related, they have that! Maybe you are more of a creative soul? Lynda can help with that too. From photography tutorials to courses in the […]



May, 2015

Phone out of juice? We’ve got your back

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How many times have you realised all too late that your phone is almost out of charge? Have you ever been waiting for an important email, but your tablet only has 2% battery left? Here at Western Downs Libraries, we’re proud to announce our brand new charge bars. These stations can charge up to eight devices at once, with a range of cables to suit your needs. You’ll find one of these stations at Chinchilla, Dalby, Miles and Tara branches so keep your eyes peeled in the new year.