May, 2019

Now Showing ~ In a Certain Light by Peta Crane

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Join us for the Official Exhibition Opening of

In a Certain Light
by Peta Crane

John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery

In a certain light shares Peta Crane’s view of her rural surrounds, a constant source of creative inspiration throughout her life.  Living and raising her family on a cattle property on the Southern Central Highlands of Queensland, the intimate connection Crane has developed with her environment has brought forth paintings and drawings expressing daydreams, stories and memories of rural life. Crane especially celebrates the beauty of the plants, animals and birds that are intrinsic to this rural landscape.

4 May – 24 June 2019

John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery
@ Dogwood Crossing, Miles
Wednesday 1 May
07 4628 5330

Image caption:
Peta Crane | Crane dance 2018 | Acrylic on linen | 58cm x 39cm