Jun, 2018

Dalby Bookclub is the place to be

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Dalby Bookclub will have its first meet for 2019 on Wednesday 24 March at 10.30am.

The book for this month is Closer to Stone by Simon Cleary.

“The story of two brothers – one a soldier peacekeeper with the UN and one a sculptor.

Set in 1993 in northern Africa (Morocco, Western Sahara and Algeria) and in the US years later, it follows the journey of Bas, the sculptor brother, who must go in search of his missing brother, Jack. His journey is a modern-day Heart of Darkness as he travels into the dangerous, war-torn, desert interior of northern Africa to discover what happened to his brother. What he finds there is not quite what he was expecting and has shocking consequences for him and his family.”

Dalby Library Bookclub meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month 10.30–11.30am.

Bookings preferred. Contact Dalby Library on (07) 4679 4474 or email dalby.library@nullwdrc.qld.gov.au.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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