Dec, 2018

December’s Gardening Australia

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Christmas is fast approaching and so many things to do in the house.  Save time to do a few a things  in the garden as the weather will be hot over the holiday period.  Short on time, set up a sprinkler system or sit some thirsty pot plants in saucers, try and keep the more delicate plants in the shade of trees or a make shift green house. If going away for a few days sit pot plants  on a bed of sand or foam carpet underlay to help hold moisture during the hot weather.

The colorful display on the front cover is made up with a variety of flowers, succulents, daisies and greenery.  Turn to page 34 and using the instructions to create a Christmas wreath using succulents.  Start now, so the wreath will be ready to hang on the front door for Christmas or this display can be used as a  table center piece.

Now is the time to take cuttings of the following natives – bottlebrush, grevillea, melaleuca, mint bush and westringia.  Evergreen shrubs like rosemary, hibiscus, gardenia, daphne, buxus and azalea.  Using the tips cut to a length to 10 cm dip in rooting powder and place in container of good quality seed raising mix, water well and place a plastic bag over the top securing with a rubber band.  Succulents a very easy to strike by using leaf cuttings. leave leaf to dry out for a couple of days then gently push leaf base into  potting mix, keeping mix moist.

Hydrangeas, what can I say?  I wait every year for mine to bloom, compact enough to grow in pots, repeat bloomer.  Take a look at pages 14-17, new varieties are in your nursery now. How to grow and keep it looking it best instructions included.

Tropical and subtropical gardens are not complete unless it has a few caladiums growing. Bright colored leaves with darker color veins streaking through the leaf is very eye catching. Turn to pages 18 through to 21  and see for your self, how mesmerising  these plants are.

Want something different to fill in the bare patch in your garden bed?  Why not try a grass plant!  Colors such as pink, purple and blue feathered stems, look to pages 24 to 27.  They can be used in your flower arrangements bringing a different texture to the arrangement.