Oct, 2018

Children love books and laughter!

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Who doesn’t love hearing their child’s laughter?

Reading a book with your child is the best experience you can have – the world stops and it is just you and them enjoying a moment.  So my advice to parents is to make reading fun and the perfect solution is to find books that you like to read and are funny. This will ensure that your enthusiasm and laughter will pass down to your children.  Look for books that make you laugh such as This Book just ate my Dog by Richard Byrne or This book will not be Fun by Cirocco Dunlap.. Does your little one like a bit of gutter humour? Try, There’s a Big Green Frog in the Toilet by Anh Do or What do they do with all the Poo from all of the Animals at the Zoo? by Anh Do or Busting by Aaron Blabey.

Do you have children under five? Why not try a regular Storytime session held at:

Dalby Library – Tuesdays, 10.30am

Chinchilla Library – Fridays, 10.15am

Want more books? Check out our online Story Box Library. There are  81 humorous books for you to listen too with your little one.