Jan, 2018

February is Library Lover’s Month

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Australians love their libraries. More than eight million of us are library members and we visit libraries around nine million times a month. But, what is a library in the 21st century? A library is what makes a town resilient.  It has a myriad of resources in many different formats to suit everyone’s taste. It is often the first point of call when you lose your job and need a computer or information on resumes. It is where you can go and spend the whole day when it is hot outside. A library is where you can go when your kids need to play and you need a break. The library is great when you need to learn new skills such as computer literacy or use new technology. The library is the place to be to play Playstation or XBox games or record your voice in our recording studio. A library is friendly and inviting and we would love to see you soon.

Library Lover’s month is your chance to visit the local library – tell them how much you love them, borrow a book and escape the heat.  Check out what your library is doing to celebrate this occasion.