Jan, 2019

Gardening Australia January 2019

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2019 is upon us and January’s time in the garden is very important.  The hot weather will dry the garden out as well as your pot plants no matter how much love and care you give them.  Mulch, mulch and more mulch is my message.

Recycling is on everyone’s mind- have a look at pages 29 – 35 for your guide to using an assortment of items that where on the way to the bin to plant various seeds, succulents ferns or cuttings. Plants can then be transplanted into the garden or they can be sold at the markets.

Add an English Lavender to your garden, they are a small shrub, growing to about 60-90 cm wide by 1.2 meters high.  They like a dry climate and they need a light pruning after they flower, and you are left with grey green foliage.  The perfume will bring bees into the garden.  Use for a border or stand alone in a pot on the patio.  For more information on growing lavender read pages 15 – 17.

Are your roses are looking a bit run out? Bring them back to health by pruning unwanted rose hips from bush. These drain energy from the plant and delay the flowering. Give your rose bush  an overdue prune and remove and treat any fungal problems.

Is it time to give your water feature a lift?  Try some Lotus  flowers that are featured on the front cover of the magazine.  The upturned flowers look like and umbrella, and the large leaves are bluish green.  A flower that has a range of perfume smells during the day. Take a look at pages 19 – 21 to view the range available.

Borrow this magazine and any older editions from our library or RBDigital online.