Jun, 2018

Gardening Australia June 2018

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The small spaces issue.

A hanging basket full of pansies will brighten up any patio or back door, seedlings are available in punnets late March to August.  Turn your windowsill into a mini-farm by growing sprouts is jars; they’re highly nutritious and full of vitamins.  Read how to grow sprouts on page 28.

Try growing tiny succulents in small containers, egg cups, shot glasses,  simply propagate baby plants from parent plant, using sharp knife and tweezers and gentle cover with fine potting mix and dampen with eye dropper. This is a great gift for someone living in a unit where space is limited.

Using mirrors cleverly expands your view in a small garden,  painting your pots in bright colours brings extra splash to your garden.  Dwarf fruit trees can add colour  and texture.

African violets with velvety leaves and colourful flowers make a statement on any windowsill.  Instructions on growing and caring for such a beautiful plant are on pages 33 and 34.

If your garden is flower-bare during winter, bring cuttings of foliage from trees and scrubs you have in your garden inside to brighten up your rooms.

Having a plants big or small brings pleasure to any gardener.

What’s NEW : — this section has 2 new roses  and a flowering scrub, growing from 1.2 to 1.5 m tall.  Check with your local nursery for availability.

If you love Banksia plants, a reader offer  for Dwarf Banksia is available on page 11.   Banksia are native plants that attract birds and bees to your garden. Compact ground cover Banksia plants are also available from your nursery, look for Birthday Candles, Pygmy Possum and Roller Coaster. Ground cover is good hiding places for frogs and lizards.

Lots more to read about in this months edition of Gardening Australia, pop into any Western Downs Libraries branch and borrow a copy or go online using our RB Digital app.