Nov, 2018

Gardening Australia November Issue

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Make the most of the garden and start doing crop rotation, keeps the soil  free from disease and manage soil nutrients.  Follow the design on page 49

Are you guilty of accidentally killing a tree?  Check out to see if you are one of these people!  Page 52.

A  list of more than 50 jobs to do in the garden during November, top of the list is mulch the garden to keep plants cool during the hot months of summer. Raise the mower blades and let the grasses grow so they can with stand the summer heat.  Leave Valencia oranges on the tree until you need them as they hang on in good condition until mid summer.  Set up covered hoops to protect strawberries from birds.  These are only a few, starting on pages 61.

Looking for flowers that go on BLOOMING all through spring and summer, do not go past the petunia.  No dead heading to keep the blooms coming, with adequate light and warmth they flower continuously.  Another similar plant is the Calibrachoa, plant in pots on the patio and be rewarded  with bright  colors and abundance of flowers for months on end.  Go pages 21 -24 for more information and varieties.

Need somewhere to store your garden tools check out page 42-44 ,  a small and handy shed, if space is a problem.  Materials can be recycled  into shelves, a sturdy old wardrobe that needs a roof. Door with shelves to hold plant dust and spray bottles, brackets to hold your pruning tools.  So many ideas and they do not take up very much room.

Still looking for ideas, view Gardening Australia RBDigital or head to your local library and view copies old and new.