Jul, 2018

Gardening in Australia in August

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Did you know that Gardening Australia is available through the RBdigital App as well as in hardcopy in many of our branches.

The beautiful flowering Magnolia on the front cover says it all, Spring is in the air.

This tree has little down time, they remain in leaf until late Autumn, when the leaf slowly discolours before dropping and the abundance of the buds soon cover the bare branches.  Magnolia trees are long lived and may take a couple of years to bloom.  Trees grow from 2 – 9 meters high.  Check with your local nursery for variety suitable for your area.

Love to have some thing different for a border, flowering wattles have a soft weeping green foliage.  Dwarf varieties grow to a meter in height, so read the label before you purchase.  More suited to dry summer areas with well drained soils, do not do so well in humid climates.

Need a hedge in a hurry – turn to pages 33 – 37.  Choose from Orange jasmine, mock orange, red robin and lillypilly.  Plenty of colored foliage and scented flowers.

Start planning  and save the date for Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers, September 21 -30, more than 100 gardens will be open to the public, you can join one of the many tours on offer to view these beautiful labors of love.

Now is the time to prepare your ground for your spring and summer crops.  Prepare your seedling punnets with healthy soil for your tomato, eggplant, capsicum and  chilli seeds. Keep in a warm spot during the day and bring inside in the evening.

Happy Gardening.