May, 2017

Handmade magazine

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On the shelf now: new edition of Handmade magazine.

Websites to order cot quilts for baby boys and girls, dinosaur quilt kits for boys, fairy quilt kits for girls.

A cute Medallion bookmark for your special friend.  Instructions on page 32.

New craft books on the shelves in major bookshop or craft stores. New ideas for card making, teach yourself how to crochet squares to make colourful blankets. Step by step instructions on Origami, look at 20 paper-cutting templates, follow the techniques into how to create card and framed pictures.

Aussie Quick Quilts have a new mosaic quilt kits available. Check out page 84, for website details and to see if your favourite movie star is in kit form.

Make a pretty wall hanging for your mum for her special day.  Wall hanging is called “Roses for MUM”