Apr, 2019

How do you use the library?

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A lot goes on at the library, and there’s many different ways to use the resources on offer. When it comes to how you use the library, what creature are you?

BEES – Bees wish to actively occupy their time in a useful way. They like to be in an environment that allows them to study and use the library’s free resources.  You can usually find Bees in study spaces and close to power points.

BUTTERFLIES – Butterflies are strolling readers who wander the library without a particular activity in mind. Butterflies tend to be relaxed, and spend time wandering and browsing the library.

SPARROWS – Sparrows are recreational readers. For our Sparrows, the library is a place for fun and recreation; their happy place. Sparrows happily engage in activities with their flock. They attend events, play games and participate in school visits. Sparrows might love to belong to a Bookclub or attend a Storytime session or #STEAMSquad.

ANTS – Ants are usually students who visit the library to study, alone and in groups. They are motivated by a relaxed environment and like to join others who are also occupied with studying. Ants like to make the most of our research databases.

OWLS – Owls are scholarly readers who love to research their favourite subjects, often local history, Owls may also use the library to complete their formal education, studying autonomously and at their own pace. Owls, especially history buffs will love free access to Ancestry.com, Trove, and the short courses available on Lynda.com.

CATS – Cats need to stay informed, and you will often find them in a comfy corner reading newspapers or magazines. Cats are delighted to find that we have not only a great range of newspapers and magazines on our shelves, but they can also access online magazines through RB Digital.

No matter if you’re a Bee or Butterfly, Owl or Cat, Ant or Sparrow, we have plenty to offer at the library. Visit your nearest branch, or contact us for more information!