Feb, 2018

It is never to early to read to your baby

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In the first years of life, your child’s brain develops faster than at any other stage. During this time, the simple things you to together each day can have an enormous impact. Even though your baby isn’t reading yet, sharing books and reading stories is such a valuable way to develop your baby’s pre-literacy and language skills. It is important to familiarise your child with how a storybook works, the beginning, the end, and how text reads from left to right.

Tips for reading to your baby

  • Choose a book with simple contrasting pictures that isn’t too busy – this makes it easier for baby to see
  • Touchy feely books are great for getting baby to engage with the story by providing sensory interaction
  • Read the book so pictures are facing baby, within a 30 cm range of their face so they can see
  • Baby learns best from the people they care about, by seeing you read and sound out words.
  • Don’t be afraid to add actions or props e.g. put baby’s hands up if you come across the word up
  • Books with rhyme and repetition are great for building their phonological awareness
  • And most of all: have fun, if you’re enthusiastic about reading your child will also develop a positive relationship to reading
  • For more information visit the First Five Forever Website

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It’s never too early to read, talk, play!

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