Feb, 2019

Let’s talk about Conversational Reading

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Children are actively involved in conversation reading. Conversational reading goes back-and-forth. The child does not always have to talk in the “conversation”. He can take part by looking and by pointing. Ask your child to respond on three levels – See, Show and Say.

Step 1: See – watch your baby’s eyes. Does she look where you point? Name anything your child sees or touches in the book. Say the key word first. Then, point to and name pictures or words your child is not looking at.  Point to lots of pictures and say interesting things about them. Sometimes point to parts of the book and name them. Point to the first word on a page and tell him that’s where the reading starts.

Step 2: Show – let your child’s eyes, hands, and actions tell if he understands what you are saying. Ask your child to “show” in interesting ways. For example, ask him to put his finger under the cat. Sometimes invite her to “act out” the answer to a question about the book. Let your child show you parts of the book.

Step 3: Say – Invite your child to “say” the answer in words. Leave a word or two out of a sentence. Let your child supply them. You don’t always have to use children’s books. Sometimes use magazines.

Want more helpful hints on how to read with your child?

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