Jan, 2018


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February 14th – Valentine’s Day. A time for lovers to shower their special someone in love, romance and gifts. Also a time to let that person you have been secretly thinking about know how amazing you think they are (#secretadmirer). And if you are on your own, then why not treat yourself to some extra special self love. Treat yourself to a massage, go to a movie solo, or just use your fine china for your regular morning cup of tea.

There are a few (many) different legends around how Valentine’s Day came to be. From the story of Emperor Claudius II who during the 3rd century, decided that single men made better soldiers than men with wives and children. Because of this, Claudius outlawed marriage for young men. Enter the protagonist of the story – a priest named Valentine. Valentine realising the injustice of this, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret.  To the story of an imprisoned man named Valentine. Visited often by his jailers daughter, it wasn’t long before Valentine fell in love with this woman. Before his ordered death he allegedly wrote his love a letter that was signed “from your Valentine”. Hence the term now on V Day.

Whatever legend it is that you believe in, I’m sure we can all agree that love is AWESOME, and should be celebrated. How you choose to celebrate it on Valentine’s Day is entirely up to you, but for all you romantics out there – we have got you covered at Dalby Library. Come on in and reserve your copy of The Notebook on DVD, or borrow your copy of A year in chocolate – a recipe book comprised entirely of chocolate recipes.