Jul, 2018


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A Book with No Pictures? How can that possibly be interesting? Watch the reaction of the kids on this short video and find out.

When this charming book, written and read by B.J. Novak began to gain popularity in bookstores, on YouTube and in the homes of average families it became apparent that children have a sophisticated sense of humour when read to in the right context and with a sense of fun permeating the underpinning early literacy lessons.

Children love to be read to, often. And the person whose voice they most love to hear is their parent or regular caregiver. So make sure to put aside a portion of every day to have some special time with words and the children in your life. You can read anything, or just expand their vocabulary with a good chat. It all counts and helps them develop and hone their language skills. It’s never too early to start.

QUICK TIP: Notice how B.J. Novak points to the words as he reads. This is a key strategy to help young children make meaning around the association of narrative and the words on the page.

For more tips on reading to babies, toddlers and preschoolers visit the Let’s Read website or many other fantastic literacy resources online.

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