Oct, 2019

October in the home with BHG

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Spring is in the air. The bare branches are showing signs of new leaves, and flowers are forming ready to burst forth. Look in the backyards of homes and see the fruit trees bursting out in flowers. Peach blossoms, cherry, apple, plum — all a soft shade of pink. With all the pinks outside, bring it inside with pink cushions, a feature wall, candles or a table cloth.

Good with your hands? Try the easy paper flowers on pages 44-48. Make little buds to decorate place cards and add a special touch to small gifts. Different designs to choose from.

No back yard and you still want to display flowers.  Take a peak at the window flower boxes pages 56-61.  Using a mix of colors Petunias, bring an eye catching display.  Geraniums, trailing ivy, herbs, fountain grass, anything that is bright, bold and the perfume will fill the home because it is sitting on the window ledge.

A go to page for jobs to do in your garden this month,  check for your map on page 66 to see what zone you are in, for planting flowers and vegetables.  Page 70 is the moon guide to see what stage the moon is during the month for planting above ground and below ground.  Find what star sign you come under for a bit of help.

Fast Ed has some party food recipe’s to whip up for that special occasion. You will find a couple of quick desserts, topped with fresh fruit.

Left over cauliflower in the bottom of the fridge, you can turn it into a baked cauliflower pizzaiola, soup, baked with walnuts, fritters.  Look for the recipe and see for your self how mouth watering they all look.

A bedroom needs a lift, this is a go to section for ideas.  A coat of paint to brighten room, a flat pack shelving to give you some more storage, build a frame for under the bed installing draws for storage.  Add a print or two and you have new sleeping quarters.

Thinking about travel?  See Europe on these pages, and decide if you want see more.

I think I have covered only part of the magazine, and if I want to see more of this months edition, go to your local library or go online to see for free.