Jun, 2018

Peek inside US politics: what really goes on inside the White House

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Now that the dust has settled from that infamous 2016 US election campaign, the tell-all stories behind its biggest names have started to emerge. From Trump to Hillary, to unsecured emails, if you’re interested in knowing what goes on inside the White House, US politics, or what Trump and Clinton are really like, check out these new titles in our collection.

Chasing Hillary : ten years, two presidential campaigns, and one intact glass ceiling  by Amy Chozek
A thrilling tale by Chozek who spent many years on the inside of Hillary’s run for president. Chozek talks about Hilary behind the scenes, her work inside Brooklyn’s democratic headquarters, and her run-ins with Donald Trump. Amy Chozek also endeavours to make this a deeply personal tale, not shying away from her own private life in shaping her understanding of Hilary, Trump, and the US political machine.

A Higher Loyalty, Truth Lies, and Leadership by James Cooney
This Ex-FBI director looks at his leadership ethics, his high stakes career, discusses what really went down in the Clinton email investigation, and finally his very abrupt and public dismissal from his role by the new Trump administration.

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump whitehouse by Michael Wollf
A journalist with the inside scoop on the ewly appointed Trump administration, details its first nine months. Wollf doesn’t hold back on scandal and intrigue, in this highly controversial tale no one is off limits, from his staff, James Coomey, Steve Bannon, to Trumps own son in law.