Feb, 2019

The Pearl Thief

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The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh is a captivating historical drama with a story entwined around a unique piece of jewellery.  This story is set in both London and Paris and refers back to WWII in Prague. The Pearl Thief commences with the introduction of a wealthy Jewish family and follows them through the persecution and horrors of war with the impact of the war never really leaving their lives. In the 1960’s Katerina (the main character) is an authority on historical art specialising in authenticating jewellery. She is shocked when faced […]



Aug, 2018

Pop-up Play Space in Dalby Library

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A pop-up play space has arrived in Dalby as part of a touring installation supported by State Library of Queensland. Western Downs Libraries is one of only five Queensland libraries selected to participate in the first stage of the initiative, with other play spaces popping up in Strathpine, Cannonvale, Rockhampton and Townsville. The pop-up kits contain play props, set builds and literacy resources that explore a range of themes allowing children and families to immerse into other worlds. Delivered to complement programs such as First 5 Forever, the Play Space Pop-Up supports early years development–giving families more […]



Aug, 2018

Solving problems through books: Bibliotherapy

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Reading can and often does serve as a tool for personal growth and adjustment. Reading frequently helps the reader to accept himself for what he is, to obtain insights into his own problems, and to evaluate his own strengths and weaknesses. Almost everyone has to face some personal problems. These range from the trivial distress caused by straight or unkept hair to the tragic loss of hearing or eyesight. There are a myriad of problems that may be an issue for your child. Perhaps through reading about problems that children […]



Jul, 2018

Love cooking …

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Do you love to cook? Our shelves are full of beautiful recipe books that will truly inspire you to cook like a Masterchef contestant. If you are looking for healthy recipes, you may enjoy 500 Ketogenic Recipes by Dana Carpender or Eat Well, Be Well by local author Karen Land. Do you love cooking sweets? Try The Vintage Sweets Book by Angel Adoree or Dessert Bar by Pamela Clark. These cold nights you may like to use your slow cooker. Your family will never be bored at dinner time when […]



Feb, 2018

It is never to early to read to your baby

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In the first years of life, your child’s brain develops faster than at any other stage. During this time, the simple things you to together each day can have an enormous impact. Even though your baby isn’t reading yet, sharing books and reading stories is such a valuable way to develop your baby’s pre-literacy and language skills. It is important to familiarise your child with how a storybook works, the beginning, the end, and how text reads from left to right. Tips for reading to your baby Choose a book […]



Jan, 2018

Is your child starting school soon?

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Western Downs Libraries have lots of books about starting school. Books are a wonderful tool that can help to reassure children about starting school or going to a new school. Books also open discussions on problems that happen to the characters in the books which you may be able to apply to how your child is feeling There are also books that help children understand what happens when they start daycare, preschool or kindergarten. Some of the titles available at the library are Starting School by Jane Godwin. Ming Goes to […]



Jun, 2017

Dalby Storytime

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Tuesday 12 February 2019 our Storytime children will celebrate Library Lover’s Month. Here are five great reasons to visit your library today: Regular library visits will lead to more reading The library has a huge collection of books and magazines available for borrowing – more than you can afford to buy. You can also borrow music and DVD’s. Staff can extend your child’s reading – just ask. They are familiar with what the children enjoy reading and can make recommendations. Libraries are active places where children can interact with other […]



Mar, 2017

Ancestry.com at Your Library

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Did you know Western Downs Libraries has free access to Ancestry.com? Trace your family story with a family tree – Ancestry.com make it easy. If you visit one of our nine library branches, you can access this great resource on any of our public computers for FREE. Discover your family today. Click here to access the website while you’re at the library to begin tracing your family history! You might be surprised at what you will find.