Aug, 2018

Solving problems through books: Bibliotherapy

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Reading can and often does serve as a tool for personal growth and adjustment. Reading frequently helps the reader to accept himself for what he is, to obtain insights into his own problems, and to evaluate his own strengths and weaknesses. Almost everyone has to face some personal problems. These range from the trivial distress caused by straight or unkept hair to the tragic loss of hearing or eyesight. There are a myriad of problems that may be an issue for your child. Perhaps through reading about problems that children […]



Mar, 2017


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Your young kids are active, cheeky, and constantly learning. With songs and rhymes, stories, movement and activities, Storytime is an interactive session geared towards developing your child’s early literacy capabilities. Our Storytime sessions are currently postponed, but there are lots of ways that you can continue Storytime at home, including  Reading books together Watching your favourite stories narrated on Story Box Library  Singing and dancing to your favourite nursery rhymes or songs together   Storytimes are interactive sessions between parent (or caregiver) and Western Downs Libaries offer several unique Storytime […]