Feb, 2019

The Lost Man – Jane Harper’s new release her best yet

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Jane Harper has provided the Australian Mystery & Crime genre with another fantastic story set in the very heart of the outback. Based on a fictional outback station near, a town strikingly similar to Birdsville, two brothers attempt to come to grips with the unusual death of their third brother, and attempt to unearth how it this tragedy occurred.

Their brother Cam has been found dead beneath an old stockman’s grave at an isolated spot on the 30,000 acre property. His brother Lee, already an outcast from the closest town, struggles between whether this was suicide, an unfortunate accident, or something more sinister.

Harper really makes the environment of the harsh Australian desert a character of its own, the descriptions of the landscape vivid without being too long and drawn out. Each character has a story to tell and a history, that’ll keep you guessing til the end.

This is Jane Harper’s third novel, to reserve you copy of The Lost Man or read her other titles click the link below.

The Lost Man

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