Feb, 2019

The Pearl Thief

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The Pearl Thief by Fiona McIntosh is a captivating historical drama with a story entwined around a unique piece of jewellery.  This story is set in both London and Paris and refers back to WWII in Prague.

The Pearl Thief commences with the introduction of a wealthy Jewish family and follows them through the persecution and horrors of war with the impact of the war never really leaving their lives.

In the 1960’s Katerina (the main character) is an authority on historical art specialising in authenticating jewellery. She is shocked when faced with a unique piece that connects her with the past, it is a family heirloom that was stolen from her home during the war. The hated thief needs to be confronted, but it is difficult as many memories of the war years and abuse have shockingly come to the surface after being repressed.

With mystery, betrayal, murder, lies, love and redemption The Pearl Thief is a story to keep you involved to the last page.  A truly great read.

Fiona McIntosh has authored more than thirty books and many can be found on our shelves. Check out these titles: The Chocolate TinThe Tea Gardens, The Last Dance or The Tailor’s Girl.