May, 2019

This month in Gardening Australia

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May is all about the roses in Gardening Australia. Check out page 26–27 for tips on seasonal care, and when and how to prune your roses.  If you love climbing roses and one that will flower all year round ask your nursery for a ‘Dublin Bay’. You can find information on the ‘Dublin Bay’ and other roses that grow in humid climates on page 21  this rose will grow in a humid climate.  Other varieties that like a humid climate can been found on pages 21–24.

Create an explosion of colour – plant a sea of Everlasting daisies. Once in bloom they can be picked for a vase or left to go to seed in the garden.  Good for ground cover in an area that needs and explosion of pink & white with a yellow center.  Other common names for this  plant is rosy sunray and pink paper daisy.

Need a feature tree for your garden or street?  The Sango-kaku maple looks attractive all year round. The tree grows to between 4 and 5 metres high.  The leaves turn from green to a golden hue in autumn and the red branches are eye-catching when the leaves fall during winter.

Dare to be different, plant a garden that only has white flowers and foliage.  This is what Michael McCoy did, and in this issue he offers you a few pointers to get you started.  He has listed the scrubs, bulbs, and the foliage plants he used to achieve the look he was after.

May’s magazine has plenty of jobs to do in your garden before winter is here, and the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler.  This magazine can be found on our library shelf, or sign up for RBDigital and look at it for free.