Jun, 2019

“Tiddalick” Storytime at Jandowae Library

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The July Storytime kit at Jandowae Library is Tiddalickthe frog who caused a flood: an adaptation of an Aboriginal Dreamtime legend by Robert Roennfeldt.  Tiddalick was so thirsty that he drank up all the rivers and billabongs in the land. And the other animals had to find a way to get the water back.

Tiddalick the frog and his friends teach us the importance of sharing with one another. By learning to share with our friends, we are creating a happy and positive environment for the children to learn and explore in. Aboriginal Dreamtime stories are a learning pathway to increase our knowledge and understanding of Australian Indigenous Culture. Dreamtime stories often explain how the country, animals and people came to be as they are. They tell us when things were made, why they were made and how they were made. These creation stories often have moral tones and reinforce correct behavior to children.

Come on down to Jandowae Library for Storytime

Wednesday 3 July, 10am.

Wednesday 10 July, 10am.