Wandoan Library

  • Wandoan Bookclub

    Love a good book and enjoy sharing your thoughts on the book?

    Wandoan Library has our very own Bookclub and our next get together will be on Thursday 11 October at 3.30pm.

    Looking for a Bookclub closer to you? Click here for details of Bookclubs at our other branches.

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  • Knowledge Tree

    Western Downs Regional Libraries provide a a variety of books for you and your children and students to read and enjoy!  Chelsea from Wandoan loves to read and build her Knowledge Tree with all the fantastic books available at Wandoan Library.

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  • What’s on in Wandoan during September

    September 22 —  Racing at Taroom, 5 Race Program and $47,000 prize money & bonuses.  Bar and Canteen open and judging of fashion on the field, free Jumping Castle and Bucking Bull

    September 27 — Mossvale Hereford Stud on farm bull Sale, 20 Hereford Stud Bulls on offer, inspections from 10 am on property

    September — Entries close 28th if you want your name down to play Mixed doubles on the Saturday 6 October.  Nomination fee – $15/Player/Event

    September 29 — Free Movies Screening at the Anglican Hall, start time is 2 pm.  Food and drinks available.  Bring the family and watch “FERDINAND” and “BLACK PANTHER”

    DATE CLAIMER— The Wandoan Senior Citizens intend to hire a coach to travel to the Darling Downs Zoo on 3rd October.  Inquiries – phone Sandra 46274365 or e-mail jdsmjames@nullgmail.com or Kate 46275121 or e-mail j.k.backhoehire@nullbigpond.com

    DATE CLAIMER — Australia Day Awards Nominations Close Wednesday 31 October. Log on to www.wdrc.info/australia-day-2019-nominations.

    DATE CLAIMER—  Melbourne Cup Luncheon November 6 at the Wandoan Bowls Club

    DATE CLAIMER — Mobile Women’s Health Nurse is visiting Wandoan Primary Health Care Centre from 10 am – 3 pm.  Ring for and appointment 46274444

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  • Storytime for Bubs at Wandoan

    Wandoan Library is starting Storytime for Bubs as it is never too early to Read, Play, Sing and Talk to your baby.

    Did you know that 90%of a child’s brain development happens in the first 5 years? Research is now telling us that when babies and children get what they need, it can have a lasting effect on their future. Sharing stories and rhymes, signs, talking and playing with your child from birth, builds a foundation for your child’s future development that can last a lifetime.

    It will also give you a the opportunity to get out of the house, make some new friends, and encourage your baby’s development.

    If you are interested please follow the link to register your preference for days and times.

    Storytime for Bubs is aimed at ages 0-12 months. Sessions are fun, free, and delivered by trained staff.

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  • Spring into Spring – school holiday activities

    It’s too beautiful to stay inside these School Holidays… Get out and about at your Library!

    Get back to nature with OUTDOOR Storytimes, learn basic photography and navigation skills, or simply bring a little bit of nature to you.

    Bookings are essential for all sessions. Please contact your local branch.


    Bell Library click here to book online

    Beginners photography for kids (7+ years) – Friday 5 October, 10.30 – 11.30am. *Please bring your own smartphone or tablet. We may take attendees outside the Library in a supervised group during this activity, so hats, shoes and a waterbottle are recommended.


    Chinchilla Library – click here to book online

    Beginners photography for kids (7+ years) – Wednesday 26 September, 2.30 – 3.30pm. *Please bring your own smartphone or tablet. We may take attendees outside the Library in a supervised group during this activity, so hats, shoes and a waterbottle are recommended.

    Beginners photography for kids (7+ years) – Thursday 27 September, 2.30 – 3.30pm. *Please bring your own smartphone or tablet. We may take attendees outside the Library in a supervised group during this activity, so hats, shoes and a waterbottle are recommended.

    Fairies and Elves garden (6+ years) – Wednesday 3 October, 2.30 – 3.30pm

    Hunt for hidden treasure (8+ years) – Thursday 4 October, 2.30 – 3.30pm. *Please bring your own smartphone which is GPS enables and has been loaded with the ‘Geocaching’ app. You will also need to have created a free Geocaching account. Contact Library staff before the event id you require assistance. We may take attendees outside the Library in a supervised group during this activity, so hats, shoes and a waterbottle are recommended.

    Chinchilla Storytime sessions – Storytime will continue throughout the school holidays and be held outside! Follow us on Facebook for location details.

    • Yoga storytime (all ages) – Tuesdays at 10.15am
    • Toddler storytime (1-3 years) – Fridays at 10.15am


    Dalby Library – click here to book online

    Hunt for hidden treasure (8+ years) – Wednesday 26 September, 10.30-11.30am *We may take attendees outside the Library in a supervised group during this activity, so hats, shoes and a waterbottle are recommended.

    Flower pot making (6+ years) – Wednesday 3 October, 10.30-11.30am

    Dalby Storytime sessions – Storytime will continue throughout the school holidays and be held outside! Follow us on Facebook for location details.

    • Toddler storytime (1-3 years) – Tuesdays at 10.30am


    Miles Library – Contact the Library for bookings

    Make a bouquet of flowers (5+ years) – Tuesday 25 September, 10.00-11.00am

    Grass trees (5+ years) – Thursday 4 October, 10.00-11.00am


    Tara Library – Contact the Library for bookings

    Birds, bees & butterfly feeders (5+ years) – Wednesday 26 September, 10.30am-12.00pm

    Beautiful Gardens – Colourful pot plants & garden markers (5+ years) – Wednesay 3 October, 10.30am-12.00pm


    Wandoan Library – Contact the Library for bookings

    Paint a skateboard deck (8+ years) – Thursday 27 September, 10.30-11.30am


    Jandowae, Meandarra and Moonie Libraries

    A craft table will be available during the school holidays. Call in any time, no need to book.



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  • Gardening Australia

    September —- Spring is here—– the jug containing a bunch of sweet peas on the cover looks so beautiful, you can nearly smell them.

    Visit your local nursery to find what new plants have been ordered for your area.  Surround your self with pots of herbs and check out page 32, wouldn’t you just love to have this bright colored pot of plants in your favorite corner of the yard or patio. Follow instructions how to create, maintenance tips and fertilize this bundle of flowers.

    Find the finishing touch to your garden edge, on page 43 – 48, edges can be as simple by using the spade or more long term using sleepers, rocks, metal, brick or concrete curbing.  Splash a little paint on the sleepers or rocks and you have a whole new look for your garden.

    Do you have an abundance of garden produce? Social media is a good way to sell, swap or give away your garden bounty.  Like minded people getting to know each other in the neighborhood.

    Did you grow up with a Loquat tree in the back yard? Now new varieties have sweeter flesh, smaller seeds and tender skins.  Yes, they need covering as possums love them to.  While growing they require water and feed, only draw back is fruit forms 3-5 years.

    Step by step guide to harvesting letttuce,  leaf by leaf with out killing the whole plant. Thus letting the plant keep growing and you will have fresh lettuce leaves for every salad meal.

    Mangoes,  nothing like the  flesh of a mango to remind you of summer.  If you have plenty of back yard plant a mango tree (Kensington Pride) or short on space try a dwarf variety.  Check with your local nursery for the variety that will grow in your area, temperature and rainfall and soil type are important factors when growing a tree.  Pages 81 -82 for more information.

    Do you still have time on your hands, all copies can be view through RBdigital or visit your local library and become a member and borrow a Gardening Australia magazine off our shelves.

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  • Scribble – how climbing trees impacts writing

    Like anything, learning to control a pencil – and eventually, write – is a developmental process.

    You may notice that your toddler or preschooler is holding their pencil in strange ways, but DON’T WORRY! It is usually completely normal development (but always see a health care professional, such as an occupational therapist,  if you are concerned). Holding their pencil in a fist, across their palm or in a 5-finger grasp is a perfectly mature grasp for children under school age.

    Each stage of pencil grasp is dependent on how steady the shoulder and arm muscles are. As your child develops physically, the shoulder and arm muscles will get stronger and steadier, and you should notice the pencil grasp change and mature as well.

    Here are a couple of tips:

    • Build core muscles by encouraging your child to move their body in a variety of fun ways.
    • Build hand strength by playing with playdough and pegs
    • Give plenty of opportunities to scribble and draw
    • Don’t force your child to hold a pencil “correctly” before they are developmentally ready. You will do more harm than good!


    Our Storytime sessions are always full of fun learning, singing and movement activities. Click here to find details of a Storytime near you.


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  • Your Vegie Patch Magazine

    This months magazine is full of jobs to do in the garden. If you haven’t a garden start small by planting in hanging pots or baskets.  Strawberries are a good first, herbs a second. Pages 40 – 41 are the go to pages for a list.

    Potatoes of all shapes and colors, so easy to grow.  Check out pages 10 -13, showing guide to planting and each stage of growth.

    Tomatoes can be grown in the garden or pots, all year round;  if they need a boost to get then up and growing try some plant food designed for tomatoes.  If you choose a pot, try the dwarf  or bush variety. Pages 14 – 17  will help get you started.  Use your produce in jams, jellies and relish.

    Want to start from scratch and make your self a no dig garden? Key elements are newspaper, cardboard, manure, hay or dry glass clippings.  Layer effect like lasagna, starting with the damp newspaper, dampening each layer with water as you go, sprinkle blood and bone and water it in to help break down the grass and weeds, finish with mulch to seal the layers.  Layers will start to break down into rich compost. Leave settle for a fortnight before planting your vegetables.

    It’s pruning time for many fruit trees. Look for any disease or pest-damage, branches that cross over and rub, thin or unproductive branches.  Pick any fruit that has fallen on the ground and dispose of it.

    Your Vegie Patch magazine can be found in our libraries or go online using RB DIGITAL app.


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  • Photo Preservation
    Do you have treasured family photos that you want to preserve?

    Western Downs Libraries has a photo preservation station for tech savvy seniors to digitise photos, slides and negatives.

    You can digitise:

    • Printed photographs (up to A4 size)
    • Film negatives (35mm, medium format, 4 x 5 inch)
    • Photo slides (35mm)
    • Documents (up to A4 size)

    Factsheets are available to get you started, however if you are not confident with technology we recommend you bring someone along to help you out.

    Fact sheet

    Colour negatives and slides

    Black and White negatives and slides

    Photos and Documents

    Chinchilla LibraryMonday 6 August – Friday 24 August 2018
    Dalby LibraryMonday 10 September – Friday 28 September 2018
    Bell LibraryMonday 15 October – Friday 2 November 2018
    Jandowae LibraryMonday 19 November – Friday 14 December 2018
    Miles LibraryMonday 7 January – Friday 25 January 2019
    Wandoan LibraryMonday 11 February – Friday 1 March 2019
    Tara LibraryMonday 18 March – Friday 5 April 2019
    Meandarra LibraryMonday 22 April – Friday 10 May 2019
    Moonie LibraryMonday 28 May – Friday 14 June 2019

    *Available Monday – Friday only.

    The station can be booked for a 2 hour session. Bookings are essential.

    If you would like more information please contact 1300 COUNCIL or your local branch.

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  • Storytime for Kids with Karen and Chris

    Come in and join the fun at our Storytime for Kids!

    Karen or Chris will be singing, reading a fantastic story, and making some great craft to take home.

    Our next Storytime is 10 and 24 October 2018

    Time: 9.30-10.30am

    Storytime for Kids is best suited to ages 3–5 years, but everyone is welcome. Enquiries to 1300 COUNCIL or wandoan.library@nullwdrc.qld.gov.au

    Looking for Storytime at a branch near you? Click here for other Storytime sessions.

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