May, 2019

Winter is Coming…Better Homes and Gardens June 2019

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Winter is almost here and quick meals are the order of the day.  You can add pasta and tomato sauce to any type of meat dish and have a filling meal for the family in 15 minutes.  You can find all the inspiration you need on pages 80–89.

How beautiful are the orchids on page 24–25? These exquisite blooms last through the cooler months and do not need soil to thrive. They use their roots to grip and draw nutrients from the air and rain water and have evolved to thrive in three climates.  Orchids are beautiful, with colours for every occasion. Take a peek and decide for yourself what color and flower shape your would like to display in your home or on the tree in the garden.

Floral art comes in all different forms and on page 30, you can find out how to create a floral masterpiece using dried and fresh flowers.  Browse in the garden to find branches with seed pods, cones, or nut clusters to put in with your fresh flowers.  And remember, different textures or colors can give  volume to any arrangement.

Have you got a blank exterior wall that needs a little more than a lick of paint? A creeping plant may be the answer. But… before you decide on a creeper, check to see what direction the wall faces. Depending on whether it gets the morning or afternoon sun, you may need a hardier variety of plant.  Try to choose a creeper that will give you blooms as well as foliage making your space more serene.  You can stick with a safe Ivy, or climbing roses that work well in a vertical garden.

Need some new furniture in your outdoor area,  try the new stone and steel look. Follow directions to achieve the look on page 48–49.

Do you have a lifetimes worth of men’s ties cluttering up a draw? Page 114 shows you how to give them new life by turning them into something useful. Use a weave technique to create a ‘no sew’ patchwork seat cover.  Or, choose from two styles of cushion covers or a book cover to jazz up your diary. You can find instructions for re-purposing old ties on page 120–122.

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