May, 2018

Your Veggie Patch

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Winter is here and there is so much to do in the garden while the earth is still warm, and the days are still pleasant.

Move your pot plants to a frost free area in your garden.  Mulch your garden beds. Cover fruit trees.

Check the planting guide to see what vegetables are suitable to plant in Winter.  Rotation of crops is important to control pests and soil borne diseases, different plants have different nutritional needs and it helps plants to be rotated so not to deplete or stress the soil.  Some plants are deep rooted and this helps to brake up soil at a deeper depth.

Some uses for the garden produce:

  • Onions are in every ones kitchens, popular crop for people who want a quick return on a crop that doesn’t take up much room in the garden. Popular recipes are onion relish, pickles, Greek salad and pickled onions.
  • Kale is packed full of vitamins,  and is good for you, providing sufficient nutrition and water is added while plant is growing.  Harvesting the plant at the rosette stage as younger leaves are the most desirable, use as kale chip, vegetarian lasagna, stir fry and soups.
  • Other vegetables, including Sorrel, Broccoli, Sage and Rhubarb have instructions on growing, harvesting and  how to use them in recipes.

If downsizing your home and garden finds you still wanting to grow a garden, container growing might be for you. Your little garden will be easier to manage, making sure your plants do not dry out, use a good quality potting mix, is the secret to a healthy plant. Plants like cherry tomatoes, cucumber and rocket lettuce and snow peas. Try growing your strawberry plants in a hanging basket on the patio, herbs on the window sill.

Our Vegie Patch books can be found in our libraries or go online using our RB Digital app.