Aug, 2018

Your Vegie Patch Magazine

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This months magazine is full of jobs to do in the garden. If you haven’t a garden start small by planting in hanging pots or baskets.  Strawberries are a good first, herbs a second. Pages 40 – 41 are the go to pages for a list.

Potatoes of all shapes and colors, so easy to grow.  Check out pages 10 -13, showing guide to planting and each stage of growth.

Tomatoes can be grown in the garden or pots, all year round;  if they need a boost to get then up and growing try some plant food designed for tomatoes.  If you choose a pot, try the dwarf  or bush variety. Pages 14 – 17  will help get you started.  Use your produce in jams, jellies and relish.

Want to start from scratch and make your self a no dig garden? Key elements are newspaper, cardboard, manure, hay or dry glass clippings.  Layer effect like lasagna, starting with the damp newspaper, dampening each layer with water as you go, sprinkle blood and bone and water it in to help break down the grass and weeds, finish with mulch to seal the layers.  Layers will start to break down into rich compost. Leave settle for a fortnight before planting your vegetables.

It’s pruning time for many fruit trees. Look for any disease or pest-damage, branches that cross over and rub, thin or unproductive branches.  Pick any fruit that has fallen on the ground and dispose of it.

Your Vegie Patch magazine can be found in our libraries or go online using RB DIGITAL app.