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Mar, 2017

Bookclub – Where Great Minds Think Alike

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It doesn’t matter if you’re into Shakespeare or Sci-fi, Christian Grey or Dorian Gray you’re certain to find something new to read at one of our popular Bookclubs.

Our Bookclub sessions have been postponed. Please follow us on Facebook for updates and to be notified when our Bookclubs resume. 

Bookclubs meet all over our region and provide a welcoming, chatty and fun escape for those of us looking to get excited teasing out the finer points of our latest read. For some it’s a monthly dose of sanity, for others it’s a chance to expand into genres they would not normally tackle – but everyone agrees it’s the best way to meet new friends, indulge your passion and meet fellow readers.

Meet your next BRB (best reading buddy) at one of our Bookclubs:

Bell Sunday Bookclub

Chinchilla Bookenders Bookclub

Dalby Bookclub

Miles Bookclub

Moonie Bookclub

Tara Bookclub

Wandoan Bookclub

Along with Bookclubs in our branches, we also support privately coordinated clubs. Just ask at your local branch for details.

Don’t see a Bookclub near you? Be sure to approach our friendly staff. We’d love to help you get a Bookclub started in your area or connect you with an existing club. We have resources and networks to help and we’re only a phone call (1300 COUNCIL) or email away.