Dec, 2019

Comedy in the Library

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In need of a laugh?

Come on in to the library and borrow or reserve a comedy to brighten up your day.

Here’s a list of our favourite funny DVDs for your viewing pleasure!


Wellington Paranormal

In this comedic mockumentary, Minogue and O’Leary investigate paranormal activity in Wellington, New Zealand.


Johnny English Reborn and Johnny English Strikes Again

Rowan Atkinson stars as spy, Johnny English, who is charged to ‘save the world’. He tries his hardest but he somehow always ends up in more trouble than when he began. Follow this somewhat mediocre spy as he bumbles from one disaster to another.


That’s not my dog!

Shane Jacobson throws a party and invites some pretty funny guys along for the ride.



Utopia is a satirical comedy that follows a large business as they do …. absolutely nothing. This TV series helps us see the funny side in useless meetings, annoying co-workers, idiotic bosses and so much more.


The Umbilical Brothers – Not Suitable for Children

The Umbilical Brothers hosts a kid’s show that is most definitely unsuitable for children.


Mr Bean 

Mr. Bean: mostly awkward, somewhat funny, a bit goofy and clumsy – 100% cringe-worthy comedy.


Robin Williams : the live collection

Robin Williams does stand-up comedy.


Russel Coight’s All Aussie Adventures

It’s time to hit the road with Russel Coight as he goes outback in a documentary that is choc-a-block full of fair-dinkum Aussie humour.


Brooklyn nine-nine

Brooklyn 99 precinct is full of odd characters who are determined to put an end to crime, but that won’t stop them from having fun along the way.


Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year: South America

Besties Hamish and Andy head across the world for a gap year. Follow this mischievous duo as they head out on wacky, crazy and side-splitting adventures.


Bluestone 42

It should be impossible to make bomb disposal in Afghanistan comedic but, somehow, Bluestone 42 succeeds in doing so.


The Office: Season 8: part 2

This mock documentary gives an insight into a paper factory and the lives of the quirky people inside.


Carl Barron: Drinking with a Fork

Carl Barron gives comedic insights into the quirks of our culture, society and much more.


Dave Hughes: Pointless

Hughesy being Hughesy… entertaining in a funny, Aussie and down-to-earth manner.


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